Sling, shoulder, harness, neck strap, or belt in the one strap

Sling, shoulder, harness, neck strap, or belt

Holds pro DSLR or mirrorless cameras

Easily adjustable length

Comfortable padded strap with breathable lycra

Super fast one-handed attachment or detachment from camera

Unique Squid maglock system secures the camera to the PI Strap

Designed to hold up to 40kgs of gear

Includes four Squid Links


The PI Strap is the ultimate versatile strap. The strap can be worn as five different straps tailoring the fit and function to the individual.

The PI Strap has a wide adjustability range which suits many body types.

The Silence Corner PI Strap could, quite possibly, be the most comfortable camera strap ever made. It can be used in various ways, quickly converting from a shoulder strap to a neck strap to a harness to a belt holster in seconds. As you carry your camera throughout the day, you can position the PI Strap to the most comfortable place for shooting or carrying. The PI Strap is solidly built to keep your camera safe. It weighs 5 ounces. An amply padded and wide shoulder pad is Lycra lined, making it soft to the touch, but it stays firmly in place, keeping your camera on your shoulder. The shoulder pad allows airflow and butterflies when you convert to harness use. Nylon straps are rugged and easily adjustable. Our unique feature is the dual pass-through straps that instantly change your neck strap into a shoulder harness, taking the weight off your neck and turning your body into a solid anchor for stable shooting.

The PI Strap uses the included Squid Links, which are rapid-connect couplers so you can quickly and securely attach gear to a strap. A Squid Link consists of two parts. The receiver mechanism can be attached to a strap as wide as 25.4mm with a second eyelet for straps up to 10mm wide. The second part is a small lanyard attached to a fob that magnetically pairs to the receiver and locks into place. The lanyard can be threaded to any eyelet it can pass through on a camera, binoculars, phone case, or anything you want to keep at hand yet quickly have access to. The release switch opens the channel, but the lanyard will not release until you give it a good tug upwards, so no surprises.

The base is ruggedly made with stainless steel internal parts, and PA66 resin is used throughout. It automatically locks to the lanyard, and combined, they can hold a load up to 44 pounds (20Kg). The lanyard is made of a paratrooper cord. This assures your gear is safe and secure.

Add the optional Manta plate (Sold Separately), and you have a quick-release system that gives your camera an Arca-compatible plate ready to mount to a tripod or cine rig. The Manta is the solution for making the PI Strap a belt system where you can carry your camera on your hips and quickly remove the camera for shooting. The Manta is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and will safely carry a camera system. The camera plate secures to the base with a positive click and a rail that locks your camera in place. The release operates easily but is designed not to let go of the camera until you pull it off the mount. To secure the plate to your camera, the Manta has a stashed-away hex wrench in the mount.

The PI Strap can Hold Two Cameras when used as a harness. The Squid Maglinks will securely hold each camera as it utilizes high-strength paratrooper rope and a stainless steel positive locking mechanism with a weight load capacity of over 22 lbs.

Silence Corner offers the pi Strap in four colors. Silence Black, Polar Blue, Wilderness Green, and Wolf Brown. Four Squid auto-locking Maglink connectors are included.

  • Convertible Carrying Strap for all Cameras.
  • Switches from a Neck Strap to a Harness in Seconds.
  • Useable as a Sling Strap or a Belt Holster (when used with option Manta plate).
  • Unique Squid Maglock system secures the Camera to the pi Strap.
  • Shoulder Pad uses breathable Lycra allowing for Air Circulation.
  • It can Carry Two Cameras When Used in Harness Mode.
  • Nylon Straps Adjust Strap to fit Most People Comfortably.

What is a PI Strap?

The Silence Corner PI Strap could be the most comfortable camera strap ever. It can be used in various ways, quickly converting from a shoulder strap to a neck strap to a harness to a belt holster in seconds. The PI Strap is connected to the camera by the magnetic Squid Links, which provide rapid attachment and detachment of the camera.

What are the benefits of the PI Strap?

Unlike a traditional camera strap, the PI Strap can be used in five different ways. The PI Strap can be used as a traditional camera strap, a harness, a shoulder strap, a sling strap, and a belt strap when paired with the Manta quick-release plate.

Who should use a PI Strap?

The PI Strap is perfect for any photographer that is after a versatile and adaptable camera strap. When wearing as a harness the PI Strap can hold two cameras, this is perfect for wedding photographers that are shooting two cameras simultaneously and require fast access.

What weight can the Squid Links support?

The squid links can hold a combined 44lbs. The design incorporates paracord, which has a very high tensile strength.

Are there different colours of PI Strap?

There are four different colours in the PI straps

  1. Polar Blue
  2. Silence Black
  3. Wolf Brown
  4. Wilderness Green

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